Quienes Somos


Confecciones Caribean S.A.S was founded in 1986, it has been specialized in manufacturing of casual pants and polo shirts and t-shirts. It has eighty sewing machines and ninety workers.


Confecciones Caribean S.A.S. has a qualified and experienced human team, advanced technology machinery and standardized processes that guarantee high quality.

The current installed capacity is 20,000 garments/month for trousers and 40,000 garments/month for t-shirts.


Complete package of low flat fabric garments and knitted shirts.


Confecciones Caribean´s factory, has an installed capacity to produce 20,000 bottoms per month and 40,000 t-shirts per month. It specializes in the manufacture of woven garments and knitted in full package.

We are in constant innovation and updated with fashion trends, we also implement inputs based on new fibers.

Complementary Services: Embroidered, printed, washing process, dyed.


Confecciones Caribean will be a leader in the manufacture of garments, making a difference for its quality, creativity and innovation, being competitive nationally and internationally.


Confecciones Caribean manufactures and commercializes bottom garments to satisfy the necessity and expectation of our clients with high quality and timely delivery, which generates profit for our company and development and wellness to our employees.

Quienes Somos


  • To assure the medium and long term sustainability of our company.
  • Generate permanent profits for our shareholders.
  • Increase full package sale.
  • To position our brand domestically and internationally.
  • To improve our efficiency and utility in the production process.
  • Optimize our employee’s well-being and their quality of life.
  • Always work towards satisfying our client’s needs.


  • HONESTY: in every sense of the word, organizational and interior.
  • RESPECT: for the integrity of people, customers, suppliers, the environment and in general all those involved in our economic and social field.
  • TIMELY DELIVERY: We guarantee timely delivery in all of our agreements and compromises with our customers as well as ourselves.
  • RESPONSABILITY: Supporting organizational decisions.
  • EQUITY AND FAIRNESS: human and organizational interest.


Confecciones Caribean has implemented a quality system which permits us to maintain an orientated organizational structure to satisfy our client’s needs. We guarantee our service 100% for customer satisfaction.

Confecciones Caribean has a human resource staff of 90 employees that are highly qualified and certified as: sewing operators, supervisors, quality auditors, cutters, maintenance mechanics and sewing area managers.